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Is counselling/therapy for me?

Whatever brought you to our site, you may be questioning whether counselling is for you. 

Life can seem relentless at times. You may be struggling with current events or relationships or be troubled by past experiences that you can't let go. You may be feeling stressed, anxious, or depressed; or finding your actions or behaviour difficult to understand. You probably think you should be able to cope, but instead feel increasingly unhappy and adrift.

Often it's hard to pinpoint what might be wrong for us and why - we just know we feel sad, confused or directionless. 

Allowing yourself time and space with an objective and professional counsellor can help with the different and difficult thoughts and feelings that might be affecting you. Counselling can help you to feel more at ease with yourself and to live life more fully.


The idea of talking about ourselves can sometimes seem difficult - but voicing something you've never felt able to before, can be a huge relief and help you to start dealing with difficult emotions.  


You don't necessarily have to feel distressed for counselling to be beneficial though  - perhaps you want to talk things through with someone outside your situation, or to learn more about yourself and relationships. 


What you can expect from us at Mid Surrey Counselling

At Mid Surrey Counselling, as fully qualified counsellors,  we offer you a confidential and supportive space of your own - a space where you can express yourself openly without being judged. You can find out about us here.

As counsellors, we will listen to you. We will help you unravel and express your thoughts and feelings, whatever they may be. 


By exploring your concerns with us, you can start to understand yourself more. With fresh perspectives, you can see what might be holding you back from perhaps making changes or from feeling better about things. 


We will support you in making more sense of your feelings, experiences and relationships, and in moving forward with your life.

Whatever you’re struggling with, why not take the next step and contact us?

Why Counselling?

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