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Our counselling approach


Central to our approach is a commitment to supporting our respective clients make the differences in their lives that they are looking for.   


Our counselling training and work experience build on our own diverse and individual experiences of life and relationships, and of the problems we face along the way. We have though developed a similar counselling approach whilst training together as therapeutic counsellors, and we remain colleagues at a community based counselling organisation in Sussex.

In broad terms, our counselling approach follows a Psychodynamic framework although  this will be varied for your needs. In brief this framework considers that past experiences, although often forgotten or seemingly insignificant, are fundamental in shaping us and how we each relate to others.  However, we also have the capacity within us to grow and change.


We help our clients come to a more conscious understanding of what might be affecting their current feelings, behaviour and relationships and, with this understanding, how they can influence and change things. 

Sometimes the counselling process can feel difficult and challenging. We place considerable value on building a strong therapeutic relationship between counsellor and client.

We each aim for you to feel safe and supported.   You can explore with one of us whatever may be troubling you, in an accepting, non-judgemental and confidential environment.

We believe in making counselling more accessible. We offer flexibility  in appointments and we try to offer fee rates that are affordable for you.  


Ethical and regulatory matters

We comply with the BACP’s Ethical Framework. This includes safeguarding the confidentiality of our work with you (alongside meeting all current legal data protection requirements).


We maintain the quality of our service by continuing our own professional development and training.  In keeping with BACP requirements for its members, we each have regular supervision of our work. 


We are fully insured.


We are Maureen Jones and Helen Dixon.  We are both fully trained professional counsellors and also registered members of the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP).

Maureen Jones

Helen Dixon

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