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Getting going - initial contact and meeting

Once you make contact, one of us (Helen or Maureen) will get in touch. You are welcome to discuss by telephone more about what you are looking for and any initial questions you may have.


We'll then arrange for one of us to meet with you as your counsellor (either in our practice room or using online video link). This initial session is to hear more about you and it is also an opportunity for you to learn more. We each try to help you feel at ease so you can decide to go forward, but there is no commitment to do so.


Ongoing sessions (room based or online) - flexible approach and appointment times

We normally plan for weekly sessions (each  1 hour) at the same time each week and we don't set any limit on how long sessions might continue.


We can also offer different options, including shorter term therapy and less frequent appointments, depending on the concerns you are dealing with.

We offer a variety of weekday and evening session times. Some Saturday appointments are also available.

We recognise that appointments may need to be flexible to meet personal working arrangements, including alternating shift patterns.

As well as the normal room based sessions, we do occasionally make available "walk & talk" therapy (using the local outdoor space). We also make use of online video link when room based work is not possible.


Our fee rates and our flexibility on cost

Our standard fees are £40/£45 per daytime/evening session,  but we can sometimes reduce this cost substantially to meet your individual circumstances. 

As we do not wish to exclude anyone from counselling/therapy, we will each always try to agree a workable solution for you.  


We welcome all enquiries.

Next steps & fees

Fee Information
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Ongoing sessions - flexibility
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